Workshops, Parties, Performances, and Events

On this historic little farm  horses, dogs, cats, ducks, eagles, swans  and native prairie. are part of daily life. The main barn is a treasure as it is the original barn built on the property for over 100 years ago . In  the late 1800s the original homesteaders built this barn using original timbers harvested when clearing the land to farm,.

This is the building where gatherings of many kinds take place.  art workshops, classes and meetings all sheltered  by the vaulted ceiling and overlooking  hundreds of  rolling  acres  of ever changing  restoration prairie land.
Named Blue Horse Farm by Karla as a prompt to imaginative thinking and opening the world of possibilities through  creative vision.

night time Black and White image of the barn entrance two little boys in the barn playing with Tonka trucks group chatting outside the lower level of the barn People  on the grounds, conversion in groups young couple taking in the prairie view musicians playing a gig event at the farm couple kissing with sparklers lighting the dark couple walking down the road at sunset