Farm News

Winter is coming to an end. It has been a pretty one. Each time the snow gets tired a fresh cover has refreshed the old. I am ready for spring and all the events in store for the growing season. Many weddings and art events promise a busy year ahead.
Plans for camping on site are in the works which means Karla is moving fence lines once the snow is gone.
My new horse Chloe has become areal sweet heart.  She and Meree, soon  return from their winter barn.  Along with Bob the pony and Yin and Yang the ducks dogs and cats all will figure picturesquely in the  in the spring summer and fall landscape.
Enjoy the rest of this winter. It will not be long now before the gardens are sprouting up again. Consider a visit for an art activity day, figure drawing coop,  art camp  week this summer and of course weddings weddings weddings in all three seasons.



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